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5 Ways to Hide You’ve Been Using Sexting Apps on Your Phone

June 27th 2017

5 Ways to Hide You've Been Using Sexting Apps on Your Phone | Free Sexting App

There might be more than one reason why you need to hide your activity on your phone. It could be a jealous wife, sexting apps that you’re using, fetishes on the verge of crazy or outright cheating that you’re trying to hide.  Regardless of what you’re trying to hide, when you want to protect your phone from prying eyes, there are a few good methods. Use these tips to ensure that your significant other won’t find anything incriminating.

Prepaid Phones for Hiding

One method to hide what you’ve been doing on your phone is to use another phone to do it.  A prepaid phone is cheap and doesn’t require a contract, so you can keep the existence of the phone a secret. The prepaid phone can be kept at work or in your car for texting or receiving pictures that would make your significant other jealous or cause a rift in your relationship.

Rename Folders to Hide Apps and Pictures

If you don’t want to buy a new phone, you can tweak your current phone to ensure that it looks innocent to prying eyes. Instead of having a folder that says pictures with naked images, you can rename the folder and place another folder inside it. This will ensure that the person prying has to peel back layers upon layers before finding anything incriminating. Usually, the person prying will only have a few moments to snoop when you’re in the shower, so this can be extremely helpful for your privacy.

Password Protection Works

When you password protect your phone, it will keep you protected from a snooping wife and save you from phone thieves. Never use a password that your wife or husband will guess. It should be random and not your birth date. You can also password protect your folders and apps inside the phone as well. While your significant other might be able to get into your phone, they would still have to guess the password on the files too.

Apps to Hide Texts

There are apps that will hide certain numbers and texts from showing on a call log. Apps like Hide My Calls or Hide My Text allow you to add contacts that you want to hide. Instead of a pop-up on the phone with the text or the person’s name when they’re calling, the app will cause the phone to alert in a different way. It could be a popup that says you have a system update. The icon for these apps will be innocent too. It’ll have a concealed icon for baseball or some other decoy.

Change Icons

If your significant other is tech-savvy, she might know about these kinds of apps to hide texts and phone calls. In that case, you’ll need to learn how to change the icon.

The Hide My Text app can launch from a button that is invisible unless you press a certain part of the screen. You might need to change icons for folders or other apps too.

For your Android phone –  you’ll want to long press the icon until you get the menu that will allow you to make changes.

For your iPhone – you can download an app that will easily let you change any icon you wish.

Many people have been caught cheating because of the history of phone calls or texts left on their phone. If you don’t want to get caught, you can use password protection on the phone itself as well as the folders you want to protect. While your significant other might not love that you password protect everything, you can explain that away because you’re security conscious regarding thieves. Don’t get caught with the cheating apps that are supposed to protect you though. Make sure to change the icons to protect your privacy.

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