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July 06th 2016

Home is where the “hard-on” is!


Welcome to the (best and free) android sexting app house.


In the early 1990’s, the thought of having sex via an android sexting app was unthinkable. Most people did not even own a mobile phone and they had limited access to the internet. Times have certainly progressed.


Sexting is no longer just a thought, it IS reality.


In fact, just in the past few years. the features in our android sexting app has gone from SMS text to live video chat.


How is that for progress?


There are many reasons for its’ sudden growth. First off, speed and mobile technologies have made it possible. Also, the number of people, men, and women of all ages, races, and religions who use them has great increased. Popularity means more competition, competition means more access and more development.


If you want proof, just ask your friends how many of them use an android sexting app.


Here are three good reasons why thousands of people use our app.



You can be anonymous. Even though you might have to provide a credit card to purchase credits, your sexting partner will never have access to your real name and any conversations or images shared will be removed from their phones when the conversation if over.


This means they can never say your “private” parts.




Tons of profiles to choose from


Tons of categories to choose from


Sexting, Phone Sex, and Video Options.




The “safety factor” is the biggest reason of all, you cannot get pregnant or an STD from the android sexting app, unless of course, you have sex with your phone.


And yes, that does happen too!


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