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SnapSext Review

SnapSext Review – Good for Full Memberships Only

August 06th 2017

“Trade pictures and hook up online now!” Most people will ignore these words on SnapSext since every dating site in the history of the Internet promises this, but not me. Call me naive, but I am a firm believer in mottos. That is why I ne

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Are you addicted to Sexting Apps?

July 15th 2017

Addicted to Texting? Me Too. 5 Reasons Why I Can’t Stop   Do you ever feel like you’re addicted to your smartphone and just can’t put it down? I feel that way all the time. It used to bother my parents – and it probably still


Are There Emotions when Texting with a Sexting App?

July 10th 2017

What’s in a word?   Have you ever sexted someone and offended them? You probably didn’t mean the text the way it came across.   Texting has officially become the new social norm for communication and phone sex.   Gone are t

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5 Ways to Hide You’ve Been Using Sexting Apps on Your Phone

June 27th 2017

There might be more than one reason why you need to hide your activity on your phone. It could be a jealous wife, sexting apps that you’re using, fetishes on the verge of crazy or outright cheating that you’re trying to hide.  Regardless

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Sexting Apps: An Outlet for the Socially Challenged

June 16th 2017

  Many people who face social challenges still want to date, connect and make a sexual link with attractive partners. When dating or traditional communication is a challenge, sexting apps can be a reasonable alternative. Sexting apps provide Safety

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Stay Safe When Sexing It Up on WeChat

June 06th 2017

Sexting may be one of the more safer forms on having sex online, but you still need to protect yourself. Do You Show Your Face and Body? This is up to you to decide. Some say it is safer to leave your face online. Try an implied nude instead of an in

Facebook Messenger

FaceBook Messenger, the Sexting App from the Block

June 06th 2017

When it comes to sexting apps, Facebook is and always has been the most infamous messenger service.   Facebook’s owners are way ahead of the crowd when it comes to implementing social platforms.  Messenger is no exception to the rule.  Why n


SnapChat As A Frexting App: What You Need To Know

June 06th 2017

When using SnapChat it is not about what to send necessarily but how to use the app that really matters. It was created to securely send messages which images in mind. Clearly, it was doomed to be used for sexual purposes the day it was launched.  A

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WhatsApp for Sexting is not all its cracked up to be

June 06th 2017

We have all done it. Put something out there on the Internet that we later regretted. WhatsApp is not the most desirable app when it comes to keeping your junk private. Remember, it wasn’t really created with this purpose in mind, but rather as

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