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FaceBook Messenger, the Sexting App from the Block

June 06th 2017

FaceBook Messenger, the Sexting App from the Block | Free Sexting AppWhen it comes to sexting apps, Facebook is and always has been the most infamous messenger service.   Facebook’s owners are way ahead of the crowd when it comes to implementing social platforms.  Messenger is no exception to the rule.  Why not?  They learned from the best before touting about it.  Perhaps the smartest approach because it is one of the best ones.

It sucks when no form of protection can save you and you are forced to abstain. Talk about blue balls.  And, as we always advocate, Pay for it or go it the not so safe way.

Use the Jock Block

This one is mainly for the guys says LifeHack Reporter Eric Ravenscraft in an article dedicated to safe sexting.  He goes on to say,  “Blur out any identifying features.”

Do you want to be more anonymous? Do you want to get the pleasure without the person knowing or seeing your face? Block it out. Show the body parts that are most important and crop them. This way the deed is still done, it is just that it is safer. Think of it like having a one-night stand with having bags over both your faces.

“You are in and out. Quick as a bunny”!

Send the Condom Safely

Want to have safe sex with that cute guy you have been chatting with on your “friend’s list“? Think of the file and data as your condom. Send it to the person discreetly. Make sure it wrapped tightly. Do not open the seal until you are ready to “slip it on”. Bring extras if you need. Once you are done you need to dispose of them right away. It is messy to clean up afterward. It is also not good to leave the evidence lying around. Who knows who is going to be looking at it. Think of it as scrubbing your computer IP addresses. This way the only people who know what you two did is you.

Talk About It

There is a certain amount of trust that you and your partner need to have. This goes for Facebook chatting too. It is not safe to just “get into” anyone’s pants. You need to know who they are. You need to talk about how you will carry out your sexual stuff. Confirm ahead of time what boundaries there are. Delete the conversations once they have happened.

You need to protect your and your “person of interest”. You also need to trust their device they are using to converse with you. The last thing you want is for you to get “pregnant” from an untrusted source.

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