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Use HouseTab To Go From Sexting to Real Sex

June 05th 2017

Use HouseTab To Go From Sexting to Real Sex | Free Sexting App

You are probably already using HouseTab as a sexting app.  And, you do not how or which way to go when you get a proximity alert.  You do not know for sure if the other person is interested in taking it to the next level.  Just because they are near you, does not mean they want to direct connect with you.
Here are some ways to find out.

Become A Tease

Do some teasing. Write a cute little message. Something subtle. Something that will get the point across. Do not use your junk in the picture. Girls want the attention drawn to their natural beauty. Drawing attention to your junk or hers right away will ruin the element of surprise. The idea with this app is to leave them wanting more, not turning them off.

Build It Up

Keep the mystery. Do not go into your life story right away. It is like having sex. You want the feeling to last longer, especially when you climax. Same rules apply here. When it is over too quickly there is going to be some sort of a letdown.

Hit the Spot

Use this app like you are trying to hit the “G” Spot. You need to pull out some dirty tricks to do it. Do not be shy about talking dirty. Many women want this. The dirtier it is for them, the better it will be for you.

Send a Pic

You will need to send a pic or video of some kind. You can show your body off. You can show just some of your body. There are no rules here. Once you see the girl sending you a picture in her underwear, this is it. This is a sign she is looking to take things to the next level. Do not play “coy” once this happens. Once this happens, the rules are out the window. It is time.

Be Anonymous

This is the final straw. You have arranged a meeting. Do not give away personal information, either of you. Keep it simple. This is just about sex. You are looking for a hook-up. You are not looking to establish something serious.

“Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam” is the order of the day.

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