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July 07th 2016

Can an IPhone Sexting app improve your relationships?

You betcha!


    • It’s a Modern Technology.


Take your relationships on the go. 


We live in a world of image sharing, sex texting, instant messaging and mobile conversations. Staying in touch with a lover (no matter how near or far) has never been easier. With the speed and efficiency of today’s mobile technologies, not only is sexting possible but mobile video chat has finally been made possible.


Long distance relationship are now possible as a result of this technology.


Stay connected with an iPhone Sexting app


    • It enhances sexual relationships.


Use your iPhone to shake things up and “Be the sexy in your relationship when you’re not able to” by doing these things:




Send sexy text messages.


Do not copy and paste other people’s suggestions.  This only makes you look fake.  Give the gift of vivid, colorful memories by creating personalized messages, cards, and images along with sexy quotes. It’s a fast, easy and shows you have a creative side.


Believe it or not, crafty and creative people tend to be the most liked people.


Encourage your partner to reciprocate.




Set a date for a video or skype session on your iPhone sexting app.


While nothing can replace the real thing, you can get awfully close with a video or skype chat. A picture tells a thousand words, but real-time speaks volumes.


If you do not have a great deal of time to connect this way, schedule your chat for special occasions.  This will make all your chat sessions special and something to look forward to.


Part of building good relationships is to keep things lively, fun and exciting.




Create a sexy video file or image to send to your partner along with your text messages.


You can do this very easy on an iPhone.  An image lasts forever so make sure if you do this that you trust your partner enough to not share it with anyone or use a sexting app that was designed for this purpose.


Using these methods your partner will know how much you care and it will create some anticipation

.There is nothing sexier than teasing and an iPhone app is all about that!


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