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Sext with strangers

July 06th 2016

Sext with strangers – the new trend.


The recent popularity of smartphone and other mobile devices has enabled humans to connect. Moreover, there has been a surge in sexting-related searches on Google and other search engines as a result. What are they looking for?  Most often, they are looking for potential partners (or ‘buddies’) to sext with.


This would be all fine and dandy in a world where 100% of online users are adults?


The problem is, not all users who engage in sexting are adults. Those who post “messaging handles”are either (1) spambots (2) or under 18.


Let us look at the spambot.


A spambot is a robot or a non-human chat partner. This bot will send you links to adult dating, cam or other adult or porn sites. Its only purpose is to get you to sign up or buy memberships.  There will never be any engagements with anyone. Fun, heh?


The under-18 option is dangerous and could land you in prison sometime in the future. So what’s left for the horny adult guy who’s looking only to exchange dirty thoughts?  Adult Sexting.


Adult sexting apps are for the purpose to sext with strangers.


There are hardly any women who will sext with strangers who do not receive payment to do so.  It is a fallacy.


The problem with this scenario is there are many sexting apps. It is hard to know which ones are legit or not.


How to tell the difference?


    1. Messaging apps are not adult apps!


    1. Non-adult apps can be risky. You will never know if your partner is over 18 or not.


    1. Membership based apps allow you to view profiles but the person has no obligation to answer or text you back.


    1. You are not using our Free Sexting App!



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