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June 21st 2016

Why do fetishes matter for our sext app?


Many of our chat hosts provide these types of services either via phone sex, sext app or video chat.


If you are a fetishist, you have definitely come to the right place to sext!



Let’s explore the Findom – Sext App craze a little further.



This is an odd combination of words. It involves Financial Domination. Basically, it’s when someone “forces” another to hand over money. It’s a fetish involving a dominant and submissive.



This is sometimes known as “Wallet Rape”. The guy goes online and finds a dominant female. If she is interested in him, he has the choice to share some sort of financial tidings with him. The more the guy gives, the more the dominant female makes time for him. She also has the choice as to what sort of “relationship” she wants with him. So does he. Obviously, the dominant female is the one in control.


Some sub men like to be ignored. Others like to be humiliated in some context. Some guys want to have a “so-called relationship” with his dominant female. Remember, she is the one in charge. Even if she graces the man with a“relationship”, she is the one who calls the shots.


When it comes to the gifts, the more you give, the higher you go in society. The above site is known as a “society”. It’s so big there is even a sexting community and forum for it.


Society expects us to work hard and only spend the money we earn out of necessity. This site is all about stepping outside the boundaries of what society expects. This is part of the appeal for some of the men. Giving away their hard-earned money to dominant women. A lot of men get a thrill out of it. It becomes so much of a turn-on that sex becomes part of it, but only after the right amount of money is paid. This is where the domination and money factor come into play.


Everything the guy does is controlled by his dominant female, also known as the “goddess”. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, our sext app is just what you are needing.


Everyone has some sort of fetish in life. What’s yours?

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