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SnapChat As A Frexting App: What You Need To Know

June 06th 2017

When using SnapChat it is not about what to send necessarily but how to use the app that really matters. It was created to securely send messages which images in mind. Clearly, it was doomed to be used for sexual purposes the day it was launched.  And, that is exactly what happened.  Before long it was all about sharing naughty pictures and sending sexy texts. Both of which (thankfully) get removed from its’ server once they are sent (about 5 seconds later).

That does not mean you are completely safe from having your images and texts stolen.  If the other person is savvy enough, they can take a screen shot of your images and keep them.  They have to be fast, but it can be done and is done often.

Anytime you flash your nude body to strangers, you are at risk to ending up on an amateur porn site or worse.  If you don’t want to do it, don’t. No one says you have to send nude images to sext.  Use your imagination, sexy texts are risky enough.  There is nothing more erotic than a phone sex story anyway.  Who needs the rest?

There are chat hosts who are paid to do this sort of thing and that is our best advice when it comes to online sexting with strangers.  Pay for it!  Ever heard the saying, nothing is free?  Your integrity is worth a fortune and you shouldn’t ever take chances with it.  For those of you who are shaking your head right now, here are some pointers for sexting on this platform.

Choose SnapChat Sexting Partners Wisel

Pick the person you want to send the data to. It should be someone you already know who is on your contact list or someone paid for this. This can be a message of some kind or it can be a picture. It can also be both. This is entirely up to you. Some like to send a brief message first. This is perfect for girls who do not want to see the pic of your junk right away. Just pick out which method you want to use to send it. It can be for a chat session. It can be in a video format.

Once you send it out, you are done. Now both of you have the option to save your chat sessions. Some do, others do not. Once one of you saves the conversation, it will be saved to both parties. This at least lets you know that the person does have your information. This comes in handy for those who want to pick things up where they left off. Those who chose not to do this will have the conversation deleted.

Some of you like to send nude pics to your guy. Some guys like to send nudes to their girl. There are some who do not feel comfortable with exposing their whole body on an open platform. The best thing to do is put emojis where the private areas are. Many girls and guys do this. There is something to be said for adding some mystery to the playing field. Sometimes it is better this way. It may surprise you how many strangers are lurking in the corners waiting for a peak at the “baked goods”.

Why Frexting has become the New trend.

Only do this will people from your contact list that you really do trust. This is the internet. People are animals. Please pick your “sexting friend” accordingly says Love Panky’s article about Frexting.  Adjust your settings so that only you and he can see what is happening. Otherwise, complete strangers may have access to your “calling card”.

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