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SnapSext Review

SnapSext Review – Good for Full Memberships Only

August 06th 2017

“Trade pictures and hook up online now!”

Most people will ignore these words on SnapSext since every dating site in the history of the Internet promises this, but not me. Call me naive, but I am a firm believer in mottos. That is why I never use napkins at KFC  or eat my skittles by the handful. Bored on a Saturday night,  I decided to give it a go.

As it turns out, outside of the slogan, there is little that I like about this site. I know what you want to know and that is was I able to meet someone on this site? I did, and it took me zero effort to get popular on this site too (which is something that should make you more cautious than excited)!

Personal Experience

Setting up the account was easy and was the best time that I had on this site.  All they needed was my gender, preference, zip code, and email. After that, I was eighty percent done with creating my account. Of course, I chose male, couples (I had the option so fuck yeah!), and the rest is not important. Next, I chose a screen name and profile picture (which was obviously the key to my popularity) and was done.

SnapSext Review - Good for Full Memberships Only | Free Sexting App
In less than four hours, I already had my first couple trying to talk me, and before I knew it there are three more people in my inbox! (Granted, I am positive all of these women outside of one was a bot). You could imagine my excitement when out of nowhere someone was riding my dick so hard that I was sure I wasn’t going to walk straight the next morning. Take a look at the chat and judge for yourself.

SnapSext Review - Good for Full Memberships Only | Free Sexting App

Now some of the smarter readers might say, hey it seems a little strange that she is this into you? Yes, it was, and if I wasn’t thinking with my smaller head, then I might be 34 dollars richer. The first red flag was that  I messaged her, via phone, she sent me not only a picture that was slightly different than her other profile picture but the fact that one of the first things she did was send me a nude! I thought that I was clever when I saw the purple sheet in both pictures, so I went along with it.

Things were getting hot and heavy as we talked about meeting up and the things that we would do to each other but then she cleverly mentioned a site called Meetup ID.  In hindsight, maybe putting my credit card number anywhere should have been a red flag but I was assured that the site was a hundred percent free. Wrong! Feeling a little wary after doing that, I decided to reverse image search the pictures that she was always sending to string me along and behold.

SnapSext Review - Good for Full Memberships Only | Free Sexting App
Every picture she sent me was on here and to confirm,  I did the age old cat fishing technique. Let us just say this made her stop responding.

SnapSext Review - Good for Full Memberships Only | Free Sexting App
The lesson that I learned? Always reverse image search every picture of a girl trying to meet up with you!

The Biggest Issue – Membership

One of the worst things about this site is their membership tier. It is needlessly confusing and designed to allow only those who have paid far more than the site is worth to have full access to generally free features of other social sites. To the best of my understanding, there are two groups, trial and full memberships, with three tiers that these two groups can be in silver, gold, and superstar. The tiers only seem to give you more publicity and tell members instantly how much that you paid for your membership. What matters is if you are a full member or not.

SnapSext Review - Good for Full Memberships Only | Free Sexting App

After hours of research, here is what you can and cannot do as a non-member versus a trial one:


You Can:

+Play the ‘Who’s Cute the Game’ which is a short little hot or not click through members picture.

+Quick text members which mean that you can choose from a list of prewritten replies.


You cannot:

-Do anything else from group chat to anything else you can imagine.

Trial Members

You can:

+Message people now but are limited to three messages a day.

+You can now view their cams shows because you came to this site for that right?

You cannot:

-Still, use the group chat feature!

-Cannot view full-size images or play videos.

-Fully use this site just like the nonmembers, so this is what they think you’re 9.95 is worth.

  • Smaller Problems

Now the other issues that I have with this sexting site besides the fact that you cannot message people are small problems. For example, I kept running into these unexplainable blank pages all the time, and that is not even the weird part. When I went over my history, there was no trace of these pages. It seems that as long as you do not click links other than the tabs on the top and right of the website you should be okay. Oh, and I hope that you like pop ups every five minutes telling you to pay money to upgrade to the Superstar tier. Lastly, this might just be an issue with my computer instead of the site but only on this website would my window freeze. This would mean that I have to close a tab by clicking the x multiple times until it works on it own accord leading me to close out multiple tabs that I did not intend to close. Oh and I almost forgot. A number of emails you get from this site notifying you is insane. The emails were popping off more than I was.

SnapSext Review - Good for Full Memberships Only | Free Sexting App



Is this a site that I would recommend?


No, sadly and the changes that I would suggest would require them to redo the entire site. They can keep the credits or the membership tiers, but having both is complicating things for no reason. If I had to recommend them to keep one of them, I would say the membership tiers but use it differently. First off, get rid of the locked doors on essential features such as messaging or viewing images. If you want to lock something off, then have it be the things that you spent time working on such as group chats or the little games you created. Now, what can they do to improve their site without overhauling how their entire system works?


Allow non-members to message people with maybe a 60 message limit (you have no ideas how many messages people can go through in a conversation) every hour instead of for the entire day. That way you can keep traffic high by having people come back again, think of Candy Crush, and allows individuals who paid you to message however long that they want. It is silly that this isn’t something done already!


Just go to a better sexting site because I am sure that you will see none of these changes to Snapsext.  If it doesn’t increase their profits, then they will not waste their time with it. It is a great cam site however once you pay 9.95 along with however much you are willing to pay for the cam girls to do anything. And they are expensive with them earning 119.99 dollars per hour (1.99 a minute) if they can get just one person to stay that long.  

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