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Stay Safe When Sexing It Up on WeChat

June 06th 2017

Stay Safe When Sexing It Up on WeChat | Free Sexting AppSexting may be one of the more safer forms on having sex online, but you still need to protect yourself.

Do You Show Your Face and Body?

This is up to you to decide. Some say it is safer to leave your face online. Try an implied nude instead of an instant nude. The person on the other side may have software that can unblur the images you send. Try draping your arm across your chest. It will send the same message, but a bit more subtle.

Do not Sext and Drink

This is sort of the cardinal rule for any media platform. Do you really want to be sending drunk texts to your ex? This is going to send him mixed messages. Do you really want to send something to a guy you do not know? It may not have the effects you want it to have.

Get Rid of the Evidence

When you get done you need to get rid of what you did. It does not matter if it as a nude selfie or an explicit conversation you had. Delete the evidence. You never know who is snooping. It is going to suck when a stranger gets a hold of what you did and uses it against you. It does happen.

Leave Your Dirty Talk Alone While Working

Work is work. You need to leave it all behind when you are behind your desk. You boss may see something you do not want him to see. Do you really want your dirty, old boss to get ideas of his own about you?

Play Safe

Always chat and send pics over a secure IP address. You need to trust the software and server you are using. An untrusted source will bring some bad results to your play time. Keep it in your pants until you know it is safe.

Trust Your Partner

You need to trust the guy you are doing this with 100%, especially when he is on a sex chat site. Get to know him first before you take off his pants. Make sure he has good intentions with the “baked goods” you share with him.

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