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5 Ways to Hide You’ve Been Using Sexting Apps on Your Phone

June 27th 2017

There might be more than one reason why you need to hide your activity on your phone. It could be a jealous wife, sexting apps that you’re using, fetishes on the verge of crazy or outright cheating that you’re trying to hide.  Regardless of what you’re trying to hide, when you want to protect your […]

Gay Mobile Sexting Apps

November 29th 2016

How Are Gay Sexting Apps Best Utilized? Sexting apps are wonderful pieces of software that everyone uses to connect with people who share the same interests. Whether you are seeking a new community of people who will enjoy your company and conversation, gay sexting applications will benefit you greatly. Hell, maybe you can even make […]


July 07th 2016

Can an IPhone Sexting app improve your relationships?   You betcha!   It’s a Modern Technology.   Take your relationships on the go.    We live in a world of image sharing, sex texting, instant messaging and mobile conversations. Staying in touch with a lover (no matter how near or far) has never been easier. With […]


July 06th 2016

Home is where the “hard-on” is!   Welcome to the (best and free) android sexting app house.   In the early 1990’s, the thought of having sex via an android sexting app was unthinkable. Most people did not even own a mobile phone and they had limited access to the internet. Times have certainly progressed. […]

The Best

July 06th 2016

 The best sexting app can be found here!   Popular online activities include exchanging images, food recipes, shopping, and sexting.   These all help to enhance dating and relationships.   Sharing Recipes –  Exchanging a good recipe can break the ice and be the starting point for a budding relationship.  Besides, a romantic date is […]


July 06th 2016

Looking to sext using snapshot? Here are your options.   Snapshot sexting app?  Really. No!   According to an article in Bustle Magazine, the top 6 sexting apps are Snapchat, Kik, and WhatsApp.   None of the apps included in this article are sexting apps.  They are messenger apps or image sharing apps. How can anyone […]


July 06th 2016

Looking for a chat sexting app to use with your Mobile Phone? Here’s how you can have fun and stay safe. Warning! This is for Adults Only. Our Sexting app brings adult chat to the palm of your hand, literally! With Mobile, you can now access MORE GIRLS who are AVAILABLE 24/7 – 100% Welcome […]

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