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Are There Emotions when Texting with a Sexting App?

July 10th 2017


Have you ever sexted someone and offended them? You probably didn’t mean the text the way it came across.


Texting has officially become the new social norm for communication and phone sex.


Gone are the days when you just picked up the phone to see how someone is doing or to hook up a date. With this new mobile access to dating comes problems and responsibilities.  And a whole lot of discretion too!


People are more relaxed in their speech when it is done through a text, and sometimes things come across the wrong way.  Sexting Apps are great for people who like to avoid the hour-long conversations and get right to the point. Because they are usually run by chat host or cam girl models there is not a huge amount of emotion involved in it.


But, some people simply do not understand the difference between a sexting and a texting app.


In this case, emoji’s and slang words that you use may be sending out a very different message and things can and does get pretty awkward if your texting and their sexting.

Common Misconceptions Among Texters


It is easy to mistake a text for a “sext.”  Is it really?


Well, we rely on tone of voice, expression, and things of this nature to truly understand a person’s statement. When it is done by text, the reading is left to the interpretation of the recipient. If you polled five people regarding a text you sent using emoji’s and slang terms, many would view it differently. That is because all of our thought processes are diverse and why some texts can lead to hurt feelings or other conflicts. Your intentions may not have been to cause any problems, but your message can lead to trouble.


Make your intentions clear to avoid this from happening.


One of the most popular slang words used today is “smh.” Shaking my head is what it means.  Using it means you either are disagreeing with what a person says or that you can’t believe what they are saying.


SMS language, or textese as it is often called, are common phrases like “smh” to reduce typing. What about the abbreviation “nvm?” (Never Mind!) Let’s assume that you texted a date and asked them to give you a ride and they were telling you all of their scheduling restraints, you might text back “nvm.” Now, you might have meant that it is okay and that you will find another ride. They may take it as a fact that you are mad because they cannot accommodate your needs. The result of the evening may end up quite differently.


Rules For Texting


To reduce the emotions in your texting, you need to follow a few basic rules.


First, if it is a subject matter that is serious in nature, never send a text. Always deal with these subjects on the phone. Next, if you are angry, don’t verbally blast someone by text. Remember, there is a written copy of your tantrum and it is not professional or ethical.


Repetition is not user-friendly, try to keep your texts to just one synonym.


Never hide behind your phone or computer screen. A text should not be the main form of communication. People feel free when they are writing their words. They can say things they would never say in person. If you wouldn’t say the “text” to the person’s face, then you probably shouldn’t say it at all. Finally, read your texts allowed before sending them, especially if it is a difficult subject matter.


If you are looking to sext with a stranger, always use a free sexting app like this one because otherwise, it is just a whole other kind of trouble that you do not want to get into.

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