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WhatsApp for Sexting is not all its cracked up to be

June 06th 2017

We have all done it. Put something out there on the Internet that we later regretted. WhatsApp is not the most desirable app when it comes to keeping your junk private.

Remember, it wasn’t really created with this purpose in mind, but rather as a messaging app.  Somehow humans always find a way to add sex into the mix and WhatsApp is no exception to the rule.

WhatApp is very popular for engaging in group chats.  Depending on the group that you are in, things can get a bit messy.  If you intend to use WhatsApp for sex texting purposes, you will have to learn to be a bit more crafty.

Not all threads are created equally

Be very careful who is in your thread. Sexual activities are not meant for a general audience. Many users have found themselves in a “compromising position” after they “message” the wrong thread. Be aware of the thread you are on and who it belongs to. Do you really want your sexual preferences to be sent to the local church choir?

Never Drink and Sext

It is better to stay away from this app when you are drunk. Anyone can have access to what you do and say. When you are drunk you inhibitions are lowered. You may think that it is not a big deal, but it really is because it is based highly on popularity.  It’s a social app and well social only really means popular.

It is not Always the Most Secure

Please be aware of your notifications settings when you use this. Too many users have found their passwords and secret information stolen. Have your settings dictate who and what you want people to see. Anyone can get in. Do you really want some guy from prison logging on and reading the intimate details of your person life? Do you really want him finding out you like to take it up the butt? He may just come and find out once he gets out and has your address. Do not chance it.

Anytime you use an app like this you leave yourself open to a prankster. Some guy could switch out your boyfriend’s stuff with his. You may end up having passionate talks with this guy, not your boyfriend. The next day you end up being the talk of his office. It gets worse when he has a picture of you in some flirty outfit. Be mindful and protect yourself.

Safety is not Guaranteed

Unlike pay for sexting apps, WhatsApp does not hire hosts to engage in sexual activities.  Therefore you do not always know who you are chatting with.  If the person is under legal age, this can be a problem.  Women do not normally engage in this form of conversation with strangers.  You could actually be talking to a bot.  How will you know?  Sexting apps created for this purpose usually vet it’s employees.

If you still want to go the WhatsApp route, you need to gauge your audience. Have you only know the person a short time? This is not the time to come out swinging. This is not the time to talk about putting nipple clamps and pulling out the butt plug scenario. The fact of the matter is,  most people get turned off very quickly when conversations get highly sexual right away.   There is a right way and a wrong way to engage in phone sex.  You may need to learn the ropes before jumping head into an app that has a learning curve.  Start with one that was created for this purpose and then use your skills to move on to the big leagues.  After all that is what pay to play sexting apps were made for.  My favourite? of course!

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